Home Assistant vs Control 4

An unbiased hard look at the 2 systems.

Control 4 is considered among many as the de facto smarthome system.

Let's look at their respective numbers, you will be the judge of it.

The Grand Totals

numbers sourced from their respective websites:

Control 4:


Home Assistant:


This review and data was collected and completed on July 27th, 2023.

Control 4:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Control4 (founded in 2003)

they list as much as 415 Partners, including :

  • themselves Control 4,
  • Generic
  • And a few doubles and triples

We Counted 403.

Of Which 254 are listed as Audio/Video,

which in percentage terms represent 63%

Over and beyond half of the C4 integration is A/V...

These numbers clearly shows that this system stems up from an Audio-Video integration / focus stand point. And trying to play catch-up in the smarthome arena and eco-system.

They have clearly no interest in integrating any products cannibalizing or competing with their owns catalog. So forget about using comparables, better or cheaper:

  • Switches
  • Dimmers
  • Touchscreens

This is in essence... what a proprietary system offers...

Closed System vs Open Source System:

Home Assistant:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Assistant (founded 2013)

Published as many as 2489. Yes there some double counts here too.

We counted and cleared over 2200.

This review and data collected completed on the day of 27 July 2023.

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